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A Small Turn of Human Kindness

by Harvey Milk

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xhrl_ ASToHK is more like a symphony than a rock-blues album, each track segueing into the next with riffs moving from one track to another. The music rarely sustains a linear structure for longer than a couple of minutes. Although the drums shift restlessly through the gears, the pace never strays beyond varying degrees of “glacial”. HM share much in common ground with Leonard Cohen & Nick Cave; though ASToHK is resolutely melancholic, it is not hopeless. This has resulted in the strongest LP by HM! Favorite track: I Alone Got Up And Left.
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Harvey Milk's "A Small Turn of Human Kindness," is the difference between watching a movie like Irreversible vs. watching a movie like Independence Day... Both good films, however the first stimulates a foreign mixture of emotions that require you to sleep it off, whereas the latter concludes with you feeling comfortable with the fact that you're a lazy, wasteful, culturally sequestered American who has sat through this fucking movie way too many times in his/her life!... So, I think you get the idea, "A Small Turn of Human Kindness," is as dense and as heavy temperamentally as it is musically... The seven songs so subtly bleed together that the listener has no choice, but to view the entire album as a linear orchestration with a singular ebb and flow... A rising an falling action, refined to hell and back.. And so, all of these things lead me to believe that any and all true Harvey Milk fans will eventually argue this record as the band's finest work... Or at least the vinyl version will become the quintessential mantle-piece for a generation of suburban children slumming it in the inner city... you know who you are!


released May 18, 2010

All songs written and performed by Harvey Milk:
Creston Spiers, Stephen Tanner, Kyle Spence.

Recorded by Kyle Spence in Athens, Georgia 2009.

Photography by Mike White.
Art direction by Harvey Milk. Construction by A. Turner.

Thank you Meghann.



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Harvey Milk Athens, Georgia

Harvey Milk is a rock band formed in Athens, Georgia.
Creston Spiers
Kyle Spence
Stephen Tanner

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Track Name: I Just Want To Go Home
Joey, you're smiling.
What's fuckin' funny?
One more fish steak night.
Yeah, that's fuckin' funny.

I'm so sick of this.
Why are we out here?
I'm tired of walkin'.
I just want to go home.

Fire rose as she
Showed me her dry eyes.
You canhave all that.
I'm sick of this, too.
Track Name: I Am Sick of All This Too
I'm sick of this, too.
Track Name: I Know This Is No Place For You
I'm sick of all this, too.
But what am I supposed to do?
I know this is no place for you.
Especially now.

I'm just a broken man.
Look at my hands.
What kind of father will I make
When the baby comes?

There we were,
On the edge of Interstate 41,
In the trees,
When she said

"Fuck you and your big goodbyes.
Hey, don't act so fuckin' surprised
If I laugh when I should cry."

Can't you see I'm through
Trying to get to you?
Big goodbyes is all you do,
Every time.

I'm just a broken man.
Look at my broken-down hands.
I know this is no place for you
When the baby comes.

Here we are,
On the edge of Interstate 41,
Hidden away from the cars
By the trees.

"Fuck you and your big goodbyes.
Hey, don't act so fuckin' surprised
When I laugh, I'll be damned if I
Will cry one tear from these eyes.
Track Name: I Alone Got Up And Left
I think
I guess we both
I'd say she must've heard.
I'm sure we both had to hear it then.
It was loud.

The squeal
The squeal of tires
The scream of tires then
The screech of tires then the thud of the impact.
I just seen the saddest thing I ever saw.

But I
Just me alone
By myself got up and left.
Yes, I alone got up and left the fire to check it out.

I just seen the saddest thing I ever saw.

This big doe just got run over and
Her baby is just lying there, right
next to her, just sitting, licking her.
Looking around from the middle of the highway.
Track Name: I Know This Is All My Fault
Ok, I'm sorry
I know this is all
my fault. And I get
Everything you say.

I still have to day
that it's not all bad.
The trees and the sky
are still something.

And the squirrels awe.
It's better, I still say
than not there at all.
But I know what you say.
Track Name: I Did Not Call Out
Slowly she got up
Reached into her bag
Got her thirty-eight
And walked into the trees.

Then I heard the shot
In no time at all
I just sat in wait
I did not call out.

As I sat, I looked.
There was something everywhere.

In the pine needles
and the humus
where I sat
There was something.

In the dead gray ashes,
There was grace.